What a whirlwind week it has been!  I am currently doing laundry and repacking as my family and I leave for London tomorrow for the Christmas week. I am only slightly exhausted and very excited.  But before I leave again, I wanted to tell you all about my experience in New York City at The Today Show.


First off, the producer who was my initial and continual contact with the show could not have been kinder or more accommodating.  She made my travel arrangements and worked out the details for my mom to be able to be in the green room on the morning of the segment.

Once I found out I had been selected to be on the segment, I had a phone conversation with The Today Show’s Culinary Director so that we could discuss specifics of my recipe because she was the person who would be preparing my ingredients and actually making the cookies for the show.  She told me which steps she would actually have me perform live on the show.  There was obviously not enough time to make the entire recipe on the show, so she tried to choose the steps that were most unique for each baker’s recipe to perform live, which for me is the incorporation of the spices into my Ginger Molasses Spice Cookies (get the recipe here).  The next time I would speak with her and meet her for the first time would be at our rehearsal.

Ginger Molasses Spice Cookies {satisfymysweettooth.com}

We were told we would have a rehearsal sometime Tuesday afternoon before the Wednesday live show.  I got an email Tuesday early afternoon saying to meet in the atrium at NBC studios at 5:15pm.  I arrived about 15 minutes early and got to meet the other bakers who would be on the segment with me.  They were from all across the country:  Houston, Brooklyn, Seattle and Chicago and had very different baking and professional backgrounds.  We got along very well and it was such a fun and nice group to share this experience with.



The producer and one of the pages brought us through security and then we were on the set!  It looked very different at night then it does during the morning show.  The couch where the hosts sit during some segments was covered with big tarps, the cameras were all tucked in for the night and the table for our cookie segment was still a work in progress.  The producer and culinary director reviewed the flow of what would happen on the live show and where everything would be so that we felt comfortable for the big day.


After the rehearsal, my mom and I went and had a nice dinner and got to bed early in preparation for the early morning ahead of us.  It was difficult for me to fall asleep with all of the excitement I was feeling.  But when that alarm went off at 5:00 am, I flew out of bed!  We arrived at Studio 1A at 6:30 am and were directed to one of their two green rooms for hair, makeup and waiting for the call time of the segment.


What girl wouldn’t love getting all glammed up??  The hair and makeup ladies were amazingly talented and I felt like a movie star ready for my big debut!



About an hour before our segment was scheduled, we moved our things up to a second green room directly adjacent to the studio where my mom watched from and got to meet Steven Van Zandt (any fellow Sopranos fans??)!

IMG_2431The other bakers and I went onto the set and got to watch Matt Lauer and his fellow hosts in action from there as the numerous crew members set up our ingredients and cookies and prepared us for “teases”.  Teases are simply when the camera scans over the set for the segment that is coming up to get the viewers excited to watch.

Right before our segment time, the hosts were heading out onto the plaza for the preceding segment and Matt Lauer and Savannah Guthrie came over and introduced themselves.  That were both so nice and real (and tall and thin!!) and Matt told me “we would have fun”.  They rushed outside and back in and before I knew it there were 5 cameras and teleprompters in front of us and it was showtime!  I was pleasantly surprised how calm I was and I was very happy with how my time with Matt Lauer went.  It was over before I knew it and as soon as the cameras stopped rolling, the crew members descended like vultures on all of our cookies, the tables were being pulled away and the set broken down and it was over!

Here is a link to the segment just in case you missed it:  http://on.today.com/JHKzJk

Today Show

I was overwhelmed before and after the segment with well wishes and support and I cannot thank you enough for that.  This experience was so incredible and is a memory that I will always cherish.  Thank you to my mom for traveling with me, my husband and family for the continuous support and everyone who I encountered at The Today Show who made my experience unforgettable.

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  1. Chrissy
    Dec 21, 2013 @ 11:01 am

    I couldn’t agree more! Have a fabulous time in London!


  2. Nikki
    Dec 21, 2013 @ 1:28 pm

    So fun to read about all the details!! Thanks for sharing!


  3. emily (a nutritionist eats)
    Dec 23, 2013 @ 10:51 am

    You did SO amazing, what an awesome experience! I love the pic of Lulu and Steven too! 🙂


  4. Luv What You Do
    Dec 25, 2013 @ 9:54 pm

    You look great. I’m so sad that I missed that episode. Merry Christmas!


  5. cassie
    Dec 26, 2013 @ 9:27 am

    What an amazing opportunity! You look beautiful!!


  6. Anna (Hidden Ponies)
    Jan 01, 2014 @ 1:02 pm

    This was so fun to read about, thanks for sharing! You looked gorgeous!


    • Mercedes
      Jan 01, 2014 @ 8:28 pm

      Thanks Anna! It was definitely a highlight of my 2013!


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