I mean, let’s get real.  Do these bars look like they even need any words to convince you how amazing they are?

Well, they don’t but since I can’t hand deliver one to each of you, let me tell you about these little lovers.  If you start with a graham cracker crust, you really can’t go wrong from there.  Then how about adding homemade caramel??  Now top that off with chocolate ganache and some smoked sea salt.  Oooh, oooh, oooh.  These are so naughty, but oh so nice.

I love graham crackers.  S’mores, graham crackers smeared with Nutella, graham cracker crust:  I’ll take it all.  I don’t even particularly like cheesecake, but if it has a graham cracker crust, I will have a piece and just eat the crust.  It’s just so buttery and subtly sweet.  I love that the ratio of crust in these unbelievable bars is equal to the other delicious layers.  It’s about time a graham cracker crust gets to shine as a leading role in a dessert, don’t you think?

Sometimes making homemade caramel can be challenging.  But this perfectly velvety caramel is so easy to make!  It’s the perfect chewiness-not so soft that it oozes everywhere, but not so stiff that it might pull the fillings out of your teeth either!

Finally, a thick luscious layer of semi-sweet chocolate ganache.  I love the way a little bit of coffee added to chocolate can enhance and intensify the flavor of the chocolate exponentially and that’s exactly what you get with this coffee-spiked ganache.  As if that’s not special enough, what makes this topping especially unique is the smoked sea salt sprinkles!  A little salt to balance the sweet.

Have I convinced you yet?  Just be a little naughty and make the bars already!


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 (Recipe adapted from Giada DeLaurentiis)

graham cracker crust pressed into prepared pan

baked graham cracker crust

heat caramel mixture

until it reaches 240° 

pour caramel over graham cracker crust

melt chocolate and cream together

stir coffee into chocolate mixture and pour over caramel layer

sprinkle with sea salt






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