What’s new sweet teeth? Are you feeling the relaxation of fall set in and the craziness of summer end?  Or is it the opposite?  To me summer always feels so busy because we try to jam in as many outdoor activities and trips as we can because we know that all too soon we will be banished to the indoors for 6 months. Traveling to the lake cabin and visiting family and friends is great, but with the cooler weather comes the promise of more time at home, cute skinny jeans with boots and meals that simmer all day and keep the house warm. Welcome fall!

Caramel seems to be a concoction I reserve for the fall and winter. Maybe it’s because on a steamy July day I don’t want to be standing over a saucepan getting an inadvertent steam facial while I wait for my candy thermometer to reach “Soft Ball”.  But the last few weeks have brought the chill of fall and with that has come my craving for caramel.  Last week it was Coffee-spiked Chocolate Caramel Bars and this week it’s the Sweet and Salty Brownies from Baked Explorations.  I was so ecstatic to find this baking cookbook on sale (!) and was so overwhelmed with joy that I could not decide which recipe to try first! Luckily my husband did not share my excitement and therefore had a more level head and could make the decision for me. Baked Signature Sweet and Salty Brownies it was and they were truly mind-blowing! Honestly, my huge crew of tasters over the Labor Day weekend agreed that these were the most delectable and perfect brownies they has ever tasted!  They are so ooey gooey and soft and the subtle saltiness from the fleur de sel caramel leaves you lusting for more.


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(Recipe adapted from Baked Explorations)

for the caramel, combine sugar, corn syrup and water

mixture will turn amber quickly

add cream, fleur de sel and sour cream

set caramel aside to cool

dry ingredients

melt chocolate and butter in double boiler

whisk in eggs and vanilla, and fold in dry ingredients

spread half of brownie batter into prepared pan

spread 3/4 cup caramel over batter and spread leaving 1 inch around edge of pan

spread remaining brownie batter over caramel and bake

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