Anytime I can sneak some fruit or vegetables into a baked good, I’m pretty happy.  Come on, every serving counts, right?  Cupcakes, scones, tortes, tarts, cocktails you name it, if I can squeeze in a fruit or veggie to make myself feel better about my addiction, I will do it.  You know I’ve been making a lot of baked goods with zucchini this year and when I saw this recipe for “Vegged-up Oatmeal Cookies” in a food magazine, I couldn’t wait to give them a try.  I happen to love oatmeal as a hot morning cereal or as an addition to baked goods.  Also, I had just made my Chocolate Sandwich Cookies with Cream Cheese Frosting and had leftover frosting that i could not bear to throw out, and it was the perfect frosting to sandwich between two of these cookies.

I was slightly concerned when I removed these cookies from the oven.  They appeared a bit dark and the edges felt crispy.  But they were not overdone as I had feared.  They were the very desirable combination of crispy edges with chewy, soft centers.  Also, after I sandwiched the cookies with the frosting, I refrigerated them overnight and the chilling really enhanced the texture.

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Recipe adapted from Everyday with Rachael Ray

 Enjoy your veggies!

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4 Comments ( Reply )

  1. Tiffany
    Oct 13, 2011 @ 6:44 pm

    Guiltless decadence! Yes, please! 😀


  2. Maria @ Crispy's Cafe
    Oct 15, 2011 @ 2:59 pm

    What she said!!! This is perfect for the very last of my zucchini plant 😀


    • Mercedes
      Oct 16, 2011 @ 9:34 am

      These cookies are definitely a great way to show off the rest of your crop! I hope you like them and thanks for reading!


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