Every year at this time with the promise of skirts and swimming suits right around the corner, I find myself craving lighter meals.  And since lightening up in my world would never involve giving up dessert (blasphemy!), I look for ways to make my desserts a bit lighter too.

This Berry Crisp that I made last week was healthy enough that I ate it for breakfast with a little bit of nonfat Greek yogurt mixed in.  I eliminated some of the sugar in the berry filling because I personally enjoy the subtle tartness of berries and do not need them to taste overly sweet.  I also replaced some of the flour in the crisp topping with ground almonds to increase the protein and healthy fat.  And my main fat source was coconut oil which made me feel better than loading up on butter.

Now don’t get me wrong, this crisp is obviously less sweet than traditional recipes (i.e. my husband dumped a couple of teaspoons of sugar on his portion), but it is certainly enough to Satisfy My Sweet Tooth after dinner and even give me a breakfast to look forward to.

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combine berries, sugar and cornstarch

combine topping ingredients in another bowl

pour berry mixture into prepared pan

pour topping over berries

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