On the 6th Day of Christmas my sweet tooth gave to me Caramel Pecan Turtle Bars.

I don’t need too look at a calendar to know how near Christmas is.   I can simply look in the mirror.  Yesterday when I looked, I had frosting on my cheek and powdered sugar in my hair and today I have acquired some nice burns on my hand thanks to caramel making.  Yep, no need for a calendar.

I have a secret confession to make: I am loving the Justin Bieber Christmas album!  I have never had the Bieber Fever before and I still don’t know if I have a full case yet, but I have been jamming out the Glee Holiday station on Pandora and they throw in quite a bit of the Bieb and I am becoming a Belieber!  My sister swears that if you watch his movie you will become a convert so I really should watch that with her over the holiday.


Anyway, enough about J Biebs, lets talk sweets.  I posted a photo of these Caramel Pecan Turtle Bars when I hosted the Fine Cooking giveaway a couple of weeks ago and promised that the recipe was to come.  These bars have a  shortbread crust which is topped with pecan-studded caramel and all topped with an irresistible chocolate ganache.  Everything a sweet tooth needs to be content and then some.

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 make shortbread crust dough and pressed into foil-lined and greased pan


sprinkle pecans over crust

combine ingredients for caramel in heavy saucepan

bring to a boil and heat until thermometer reaches 240 degrees

pour caramel over crust and cool

make ganache and drizzle over bars

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